High temperature fuel cell, which is an electrochemical energy converter, comprises a ferritic component and a nickel component and an intermediate barrier layer, which consists of e.g. cerium oxide
Patent, 2006

TECHNOLOGY FOCUS - INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Preferred Components: The barrier layer consists of cerium dioxide. The barrier layer is endowed with yttrium, gadolinium, niobium or samarium. The barrier layer covers at least on one side of the ferritic component, as thin, preferably thick film. The barrier layer is not thicker than 10 mu m, preferably thinner than 2 mu m. The ferritic component is a porous metallic substrate and the nickel component is an anode. The ferritic component is an inter-connector and the nickel component is a nickel network. The barrier layer consists of: (calcium, strontium, barium)1-3x/2 (yttrium, lanthanide (ln))x titanium oxide (where Xy is 0-0.1 and/or Xln is 0-0.67); chromium oxide and/or chromium(II, III) oxide, manganese(II, III) oxide; iron(II) oxide and/or iron(II, III) oxide; cerium1-x-y (yttrium, lanthanide)x (titanium, niobium)yO2 (where x is 0-0.5 and y is 0-0.2); lanthanide1-x(strontium, calcium)x (magnesium oxide (mgO3)) aluminum oxide (AlO3), chromium oxide (CrO3) (where x is 0.1-0.5).


Marco Brandner

Leszek Niewolak

Willem J. Quadakkers

Frank Tietz

T Höfer

DE102006056251-A1 ; WO2008064938-A1 ; DE1020060562


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