Proceedings of The Eight Scandinavian Student Interaction Design Research Conference, SIDeR'12
Samlingsverk (redaktörskap), 2012

The Interaction Design division of the Department of Applied Information Technology at the Chalmers University of Technology is pleased to host the 8th Student Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR ’12) in Gotheburg, Sweden. The conference was inaugurated in 2005 in Sønderborg, Denmark, as a means of enabling interaction design students to participate in and contribute to research in the emerging discipline of interaction design. A number of prestigious universities have since been hosts to the event. SIDeR offers students the opportunity to bring forth research they have carried out throughout design projects as well as share reflections on design theory through the medium of an academic paper. Throughout the two days of the event, students will be able to meet with colleagues from other universities, share views on the design practice and build a valuable network in the field of interaction design. The conference theme for the 8th SIDER conference is Intertwine and Play. Intertwining traditional services with new media forms and engaging play is the core challenge for future interaction design. In all parts of the work of an interaction designer, from gathering requirements, to performing methods and creating products, it is important to take respect to what is already there, from organizational and theoretical level to spatial and practice level. At the same time, by playing and experimenting with traditions, and intertwine them with new media and new technology, interaction designers will be able to inspire and visualize new perspectives of the future. We are proud to support the effort by organizing this conference for the second time in Gothenburg. It is a great forum for students to meet and discuss their work ideas and approaches, and of course to network and make great new contacts. This year present X number of papers from eight different schools in four countries. In these contributions we find curiosity and creativity, as well as a strong will to change and improve. This is the work of the next generation of interaction designers, and regardless if you choose to continue an academic career or choose to work in the industry after graduation, you will de􀏐ine and strengthen interaction design for the future. A warm welcome to SIDeR 2012!

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