Kitting systems for small size parts in manual assembly systems
Kapitel i bok, 1991

This chapter presents different kinds of materials feeding systems for small parts to manual assembly and discusses the conditions under which a certain system is favourable in relation to other solutions of materials feeding. In the search for production systems giving a more efficient and flexible assembly, and also the possibility of better working conditions, highly parallelized assembly systems with long cycle times have been developed. One disadvantage of such systems is their complicated materials feeding. Solutions such as decentralized materials markets where the assembly operators pick their own material have been widely used. This solution is, however, not appropriate for all kinds of parallei assembly systems and in recent years storage kitting systems have been considered and developed.


Mats Johansson

Institutionen för transportteknik

M. Pridham and C. O'Brien: Production Research: Approaching the 21st Century

0850667526 (ISBN)


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