Status and Future of Biomass Assessment for Energetic Use in Europe
Paper i proceeding, 2012

Results from biomass potential assessments vary considerably, both on global and European level. On the other hand reliable figures on biomass potentials are an important basis for energy policy and for strategies that aim at an increase of use of biomass for energy both on EU-Level as well as e. g. on national level in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) by the 27 member states. This paper is based on the findings of two projects, BEE and CEUBIOM. It presents an overview of the findings of these projects and includes an analysis of biomass potential aspects within the NREAPs. It presents how, based on an analysis of the status quo of potential studies, the projects developed proposals for a harmonisation of the methodologies and it presents the key areas they identified for future work in the field.


M. Dees

B. Bodo

C. Panoutsou

H. Böttcher

G. Duchossois

G. Eleftheriadis

K. Gunia

P. Gyuris

M. Hirschmugl

D. Kajba

C. Kalaitzidis

V. Keuck

B. Koch

S. Köppen

G. Kunikowski

P. Lakyda

M. Lindner

G. Pace

I. Ramos

N. Rettenmaier

F. Rosillo-Calle

M. Schardt

E. Smeets

J. Torén

R. Vasylyshyn

M. Vis

Stefan Wirsenius

Chalmers, Energi och miljö, Fysisk resursteori

T. Zhelyezna

20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

978-88-89407-54-7 (ISBN)



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