SPFM pre-cleaning for formation of silicon interfaces by wafer bonding
Paper i proceeding, 1997

The use of H2SO4-H2O2-HF (SPFM) at low HF concentrations (10 to 1000 ppm) has been investigated as the preparation procedure prior to formation of Si-Si interfaces by wafer bonding. The SPFM cleaning process makes it possible to form a hydrophilic (OH terminated) silicon surface, thereby achieving a spontaneous and strong room temperature bond. Electrical characterization using current vs. voltage and spreading resistance measurements shows that this cleaning procedure can be used to form Si-Si junctions with excellent electrical properties. Some of the problems related to hydrophobic wafer bonding can thus be circumvented by the proposed technique

integrated circuit technology

wafer bonding


surface cleaning

elemental semiconductors

integrated circuit testing

electric current

semiconductor junctions

electric resistance


Stefan Bengtsson

Institutionen för fasta tillståndets elektronik

Karin Ljungberg

Science and Technology of Semiconductor Surface Preparation. Symposium



Annan elektroteknik och elektronik

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