Applying the CBFM-enhanced domain Green's function method to the analysis of large disjoint subarray antennas
Paper i proceeding, 2013

This paper considers the efficient numerical analysis of large, finite antenna arrays comprising of disjoint subarrays by using the Domain Green's Function Method (DGFM) [1] in conjunction with the Characteristic Basis Function Method (CBFM) [2]. In the CBFM-enhanced DGFM we consider large arrays consisting of multiple disjoint subarrays and impose the infinite array type assumption, i.e. that the currents on subarrays are identical except for a complex-valued scaling factor. Scan impedance matrices are then constructed for each of the subarrays from the block-partitioned CBFM reduced impedance matrix which account for the mutual coupling in the array environment. Runtime and memory usage scale efficiently for the CBFM-enhanced DGFM as we limit the computational complexity to that required to analyse a single subarray. The paper discusses the hybridisation of the DGFM with the CBFM, and illustrates the results of applying the proposed solution technique to an example consisting of a large finite array of disjoint subarrays. © 2013 IEEE.


D. J. Ludick

Universiteit Stellenbosch

Rob Maaskant

Chalmers, Signaler och system, Kommunikation, Antenner och Optiska Nätverk

R. Mittra

Pennsylvania State University

U. Jakobus

EM Software and Systems - S.A. (Pty) Ltd

D. B. Davidson

Universiteit Stellenbosch

Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, ICEAA 2013

978-146735707-4 (ISBN)


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