Enhanced yaw stability control to mitigate a vehicle's abnormal yaw motion due to a disturbance
Patent, 2013

An enhanced stability control system (200) for a vehicle includes a vehicle status sensor that generates a sensor signal. A driver input sensor that generates an input signal. A controller (214) may disable normal yaw stability control operation and enable body-force-disturbance (BFD) yaw stability control (YSC) operation, which includes at least partially reducing response functions of the normal yaw stability control associated with the input signal, in response to the sensor signal and performing BFD-YSC functions to achieve desired control performance upon the detection of BFD reception. The controller (214) may also or alternatively compare the sensor signal to a threshold and detect an improperly functioning/inoperative vehicle status sensor. The controller (214) disregards information associated with the improperly functioning/inoperative vehicle status sensor, and continues to perform enhanced yaw stability control operations.


Jianbo Lu

Joseph Carr Meyers

Jeffrey Dan Rupp

Bengt J H Jacobson

Mathijs Willem Geurink

Doug Scott Rhode

Olle Johansson

Volvo Car Corporation

United States Patent 08565993






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