Evaluation of assessment tools of concept maps from teaching in sustainable development
Rapport, 2014

The use of concept maps have been evaluated and analysed in conjunction to other Teaching and learning activities (TLA’s) and to examination results. The results showed how the different aspects of sustainability can be represented in a plot from multivariate analysis of this data. From interpretation of these plots, suggestions could be made on what TLA’s supports different type of sustainability aspects and a data-driven development of the course was enabled. However, the interpretation was based on that concept maps do convey information about student learning and this depends on a reliable methodology. In this study the evaluation method of concept maps itself is scrutinized and aspects of reliability and validity is analysed. The results show that the applied methodology is both reliable and valid to a certain extent. Reflections and recommendations are given for future work when combining concept map data in conjunction to other student data.


Jonas Sjöblom

Chalmers, Tillämpad mekanik, Förbränning och framdrivningssystem



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