Electronic spin working mechanically (Review Article)
Reviewartikel, 2014

A single-electron tunneling (SET) device with a nanoscale central island that can move with respect to the bulk source- and drain electrodes allows for a nanoelectromechanical (NEM) coupling between the electrical current through the device and mechanical vibrations of the island. Although an electromechanical “shuttle” instability and the associated phenomenon of single-electron shuttling were predicted more than 15 years ago, both theoretical and experimental studies of NEM-SET structures are still carried out. New functionalities based on quantum coherence, Coulomb correlations and coherent electron-spin dynamics are of particular current interest. In this article we present a short review of recent activities in this area.



single electron tunneling


Robert I. Shekhter

Göteborgs universitet

Leonid Gorelik

Chalmers, Teknisk fysik, Kondenserade materiens teori

Ilya V. Krive

Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

M. N. Kiselev

Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Sergeij I. Kulinich

Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering

Anton V. Parafilo

Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering

K. Kikoin

Tel Aviv University

Mats Jonson

Göteborgs universitet

Low Temperature Physics

1063-777X (ISSN) 1090-6517 (eISSN)

Vol. 40 7 600-614


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