Vehicle Dynamics Compendium for Course MMF062
Rapport, 2015

This compendium is intended for first-time-studies studies of vehicle dynamics. At Chalmers University of Technology this is in the course “MMF062 Vehicle Dynamics”. The compendium covers more than actually included in the course; both in terms of subsystem designs, which not necessarily has to be fully understood in order to learn the vehicle level; and in terms of some teasers for more advanced studies of vehicle dynamics. Therefore, the compendium can also be useful in general vehicle engineering courses, e.g. in the Chalmers course “TME121 Engineering of Automotive Systems”; and as an introduction to more advance courses, which at Chalmers is the course “TME102 Vehicle Dynamics Advanced”. The overall objective of the compendium is to contribute to education of automotive engineers with good skills to design for, and verify, requirements on complete vehicle level functions, regarding vehicle dynamics or motion. The compendium focus on road vehicles, both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Smaller road vehicles, such as bicycles and single-person cars, are only very briefly mentioned. It should be mentioned that a lot of ground-vehicle types are not covered at all, such as: off-road/construction vehicles, tracked vehicles, horse wagons, hovercrafts or railway vehicles.

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Bengt J H Jacobson

Chalmers, Tillämpad mekanik, Fordonsteknik och autonoma system


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