Experimental analysis of the flow-field in a state-of-the-art linear cascade with boundary-layer suction
Paper i proceeding, 2005

This paper presents a detailed experimental evaluation of the flow field in a state of the art linear cascade with boundary-layer suction. The linear cascade was designed using a new design-process as described by Hjärne et al. [1]. From the measurements presented in this paper it can be concluded that all of the features of the test-rig work as expected. Hence the measurements validate the design process presented by Hjärne et al. in [1].The intention with the test facility is to provide high quality benchmark cases for the flow field around aggressive designs of Low Pressure Turbine/Outlet Guide Vanes (LPT/OGV's) to be used for validation of numerical codes. The flow quality is assessed by measuring inlet uniformity, boundary-layer heights, periodicity of the static pressure distribution around the OGV's and uniformity of the outlet flow.


Johan Hjärne

Chalmers, Tillämpad mekanik

Valery Chernoray

Chalmers, Tillämpad mekanik

Jonas Larsson

Lennart Löfdahl

Chalmers, Tillämpad mekanik

Proc. of ASME TURBO EXPO 2005, Reno, Nevada, USA


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