Robust State Feedback Controller Design for DC-Motor System
Paper i proceeding, 2013

This paper proposes an approach to a robust state feedback controller design for real uncertain DC-motor system in time domain. Because only output vector of this real system is measurable, it is necessary to observe state vector. Polytopic model of uncertain system is considered as a plant model to be controlled. Stability and performance of the closed loop system is determined through the LMI region, where the closed loop poles of whole uncertainty domain are placed. To reduce the conservativeness of quadratic stability approach the parameter-dependent Lyapunov function (PDLF) is used.

LMI region

state observer

Parameter-dependent Lyapunov function

Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMI)

Robust stability

state feedback


Ivan Holič

10th IFAC Symposium Advances in Control Education, Scheffield, UK, August 28-30, 2013






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