AI design for believable characters via gameplay design patterns
Kapitel i bok, 2011

We address the problem of creating human-like, believable behavior for game characters. To achieve character believability in games, the game designer needs to develop that character so that it fulfills as many aspects of believability as possible. With believable behavior we mean that the game is consistently structured in terms of narration or gameplay so that it is possible to build and maintain coherent relations between the actions of the characters. In this paper, we first analyze the general patterns for game characters design in detail concentrating on the aspects that are relevant to the AI design. Then, we present an agent architecture that we are developing, and discuss how this architecture can address the identified design patterns. © 2011, IGI Global.


P. Lankoski


A. Johansson

Linköpings universitet

B. Karlsson

Fabrication Games Europe AB

Staffan Björk

Göteborgs universitet

P. Dell'Acqua

Linköpings universitet

Business, Technological, and Social Dimensions of Computer Games: Multidisciplinary Developments

9781609605674 (ISBN)


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