Principer och realiteter – Projekteringen av Volvos bilfabrik i Uddevalla
Bok, 1989

This book (financed by The Swedish work Environment Fund) summarises the three authours´insights and experiences dealing with group work (i.e. from their own scientific point of departure). Especially so with regarding on the projection of the Volvo Automobile Companys´assembly plant that was located in Uddevalla. Insight and experiences that in total embrace the design, running-in and full-scale production phases of this specific plant, but this book was authored and published some years before the actual closing down period).

The three points of departures are at hand. Namely, from (1) a time geographical as well (2) a vocational learning and trained perspectives by the two authors from Gothenburg University. On the other hand, the third author represents (3) a sort of materials handling and feeding technique perspective, as this discipline has been handled and interpreted by this authors from Chalmers University of Technology (i.e. a more socio-technologic point of departure/approach).

A comment: This publication is authored together with senior research competencies (1) within vocational learning and training as well as (2) within time-geography with whom Engström have had long time cooperation procedures.


Kajsa Ellegård

Göteborgs universitet

Tomas Engström

Institutionen för transportteknik

Lennart Nilsson

Göteborgs universitet


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