Reflektiv produktion – Industriell verksamhet i förnyelse
Bok, 1992

This book, a sort of summarization of the authors' insights and experiences regarding group work as well as alternatives to assembly line work from their own scientific perspective, which was made available in 1992. That is, in the (very specific) period of time (or turbulence) while the assembly plants in Uddevalla and Kalmar were closed down (the former assembly plant was closed down first, while the other was shut down approximate a year later).

This book has been published by Volvo (AB Volvo Media, ISBN-number: 91 9761 604). It has been published by Arbetslivsutveckling with the editors Lars Cambert and Glenn Carlsson at this department. Moreover, the content has been validated by a number of Volvo experts and discussed at a seminary (among other things, each of these experts had to provide written comments to the two editors etc.).

learning and training

restructuring of information systems

long work cycle times

assembly work

materials feeding techniques

alternatives to line assembly


Volvo Uddevalla plant


work structuring


manufacturing technology


Kajsa Ellegård

Göteborgs universitet

Tomas Engström

Institutionen för transportteknik

Johansson Bertil

Chalmers, Unknown organization

Lennart Nilsson

Göteborgs universitet

Lars Medbo

Institutionen för transportteknik


Annan teknik


91 8761 604 1