A reduced interface component mode synthesis method using coarse meshes
Paper i proceeding, 2017

Component mode synthesis is a technique to simplify the analysis of complicated finite element models. A structure is split into substructures from which reduced order models can be generated and subsequently assembled. A model reduction performance gain can be limited if the component interfaces contain many degrees of freedom, which is often the case for high resolution models. In this paper a substructuring framework with interface reduction is presented. The method first splits a detailed model into substructures. The substructures’ fine mesh is then coarsened on the internal region, while keeping the boundary mesh intact. Thereafter a Guyan reduction is performed on each coarse mesh substructure. The Guyan computations are cheap due to the reduced size of the linear equation system necessary to solve for the coarse mesh system. After synthesis of the statically reduced systems, a reduction basis for the interface degrees of freedom is computed. Thereafter a Craig-Bampton reduction is performed on each fine mesh substructure using projections with the reduced interface degrees of freedom and fixed interface modes. The method is verified on a dense mesh plate model consisting of two substructures.

component mode synthesis

interface reduction

mesh coarsening



Mladen Gibanica


Volvo Cars

Thomas Abrahamsson


Daniel J. Rixen

Technische Universität München

Procedia Engineering

18777058 (ISSN)

Vol. 199 348-353





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