Incitamentsreglering av monopol med styckvis linjär approximation av efterfrågan
Rapport, 2005

One anonymous mechanism for monopoly regulation is the Chord-approximation Adjustment Process, CAP, suggested by Vogelsang (1988) where the change in consumer surplus is approximated as an average between a Laspeyres and a Paasche index. The main drawback of this method is an incentive for strategic pricing behaviour so that the price will not converge to marginal cost whenever demand is not linear. This paper shows how the change in consumer surplus under a non-linear demand curve can be approximated piecewise linearly based on solely verifiable information which removes the incentive for strategic behaviour.

Monopoly regulation

incentive regulation


Björn Lantz

Göteborgs universitet



FE-rapport (online): 2005-407

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