Particle removal in detention ponds modelled for a year of successive rain events
Paper i proceeding, 1998

The aim of this study was to model the removal of pollution in small open stormwater detention ponds by a simple method of particle settling. Simulations were made with a rain series for a normal hydrological year selected from a 19-year long rainfall series. TSS removal calculations were based on the US EPA-method. Measured TSS concentrations from the Järnbrott detention pond were used for comparison with the modelled concentrations. The model work showed that the removal efficiency is strongly dominated by inter-event settling. Removal efficiency may be improved by increasing the specific pond area up to 150 m2/ha. A consideration of the particle density has to be made since the removal efficiency is affected by low densities, often seen for urban runoff sediments.

detention pond



particle removal

rain series


Thomas Pettersson

Institutionen för vattenförsörjnings- och avloppsteknik

Gilbert Svensson

Institutionen för vattenförsörjnings- och avloppsteknik

In: Proc. Novatech 1998, 3rd international conference on innovative technologies in urban storm drainage, Lyon, France, 4-6 May 1998

Vol. 1 567-574



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