Towards Dynamics of Controlled Multibody Systems with Magnetostrictive Transducers
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2007

The paper addresses mechatronic issue of multibody systems comprising giant magnetostrictive material based transducers (sensors and/or actuators). Interaction between dynamics and control in multibody system with smart material based transducers makes it possible to change a system properties and functionality substantially as a response to applied electric, magnetic or temperature fields. To use this interaction in an optimal way the proper mathematical models of controlled electro-magneto-elastic multibody systems need to be developed. In the paper general mathematical model of multibody system with magnetostrictive transducers is presented. The model consists of the constitutive equations of magnetoelastic behavior of transducers, standard formulae of electromagnetism for induced voltage and current in the pick-up coil due to variation of magnetic field intensity, and finally the equations of motion of multibody system itself. The last one can be derived using one of the well-known multibody dynamics formalisms. General model has been developed in details for linearized dynamics of magnetostrictive transducers and implemented virtually for two practically important cases of interaction of hosting multibody system with transducers, namely for system with displacement driven transducers and for system with force driven transducers. Physical prototype of magnetostrictive transducer and test rig (hosting multibody system) have been built and used successfully for verification of developed models.

multibody system and mechatronics

interaction between dynamics and control in multibody system with smart material based transducers

power harvesting from vibration

magnetostrictive transduser


Viktor Berbyuk


Multibody System Dynamics

1384-5640 (ISSN) 1573-272X (eISSN)

Vol. 18 203-216


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