Green Marketing: A Conceptual Framework and Suggestions for Industrial Services Marketing
Kapitel i bok, 2015

Due to the negative impact of globalized production and consumption on the natural environment, businesses keep facing increased pressure to eliminate their harmful processes and transform into environmentally conscious organizations. Marketing as a business function having a high interaction rate with customers and other stakeholders receives its share from this wave. Every day, more organizations become engaged in green marketing practices either by complying with laws and regulations or seizing proactive environmental marketing strategies. This chapter aims to propose a conceptual framework for green marketing by reviewing the existing green marketing and sustainable marketing literature. In addition to that, considering the less developed literature in Business-to-Business (B2B) green marketing, the chapter uses previous strategic frameworks for suggesting green marketing activities for industrial services. Logistics is selected as a specific field for the proposition of the examples. The chapter concludes with implications and further research directions.


Ceren Altuntas Vural

Yasar University

Handbook of Research on Developing Sustainable Value in Economics, Finance, and Marketing

978-146666636-8 (ISBN)


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