Infusion of Dry Ports in Malaysian Container Seaport System: A Preparation Towards Unpredictability in Trade System
Paper i proceeding, 2019

A container revolution which arose from economic liberalisation together with globalisation have thought the importance of regionalisation in order to survive in this rapidly changing economic trend. Malaysia which faced a tremendous implication from these economic transitions, have pressurised the seaport system in the nation by affecting its competitiveness level. In order to preserve it competitiveness level, the concept of regionalisation has been adapted in this region. Hence, dry ports have been aligned in the Malaysian container seaport system to ensure seaports have additional capacity and flexibility to cope with the trend of world economic system. Therefore this paper, analyses benefits of dry ports in the Malaysian container seaport system to various key stakeholders. By conducting face- to-face interviews with experts in the shipping industry as well as with support from secondary data, this paper analyse the opportunities that these dry ports poses for future development. In addition to this, this paper also reveals the possible strategies that can be adapted by these specific intermodal terminals for operational enhancement in the nation’s trade system. The findings indicated that the presence of dry ports provide substantial benefits to stakeholders in the seaport system such as reducing waiting times for ships, increasing the efficiency in transport chain, preventing long customs clearance at seaports, balancing road and rail transport for container distribution and decreasing total freight cost. Furthermore, accessibility to the international transportation network and the government’s international and national economic development plans are additional opportunity owned by dry ports in this region. Moreover, some recommendations have been provided especially on the aspect of transportation, inter/intra-regional planning, interoperability, location, collaboration planning, marketing, safety and security as well as dry port service diversifications. These findings indicate that dry ports in a reliable inland network assist seaports and other stakeholders to increase their sustainability in the dynamic maritime trade.



spin-off benefits


dry port



Jagan Jeevan

University Malaysia Terengganu

Mohamed Monizaihasra

University Malaysia Terengganu

Violeta Roso

Chalmers, Teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Service Management and Logistics

Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain: Opportunities and Challenges

9786027060470 (ISBN)

9th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management
Ho Chi Minh, ,




Transportteknik och logistik

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