Stepping out of the silos - Training teachers, training trainers (ICLHE2019 - Workshop)
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 2019

The adoption of English-Medium Instruction (EMI) and more generally the implementation of internationalisation policies, has led to the development of internationalised learning spaces in higher education settings where students can develop skills for life and work in a globalized world. It might be argued that internationalisation, and the development of EMI with it, has thus contributed to a shift in the perceived role of disciplinary teachers in developing global and international skills in their students. At the same time, the increase in EMI in HEIs and internationalisation have necessarily led to concerns about the type of professional development education developers may also need.

This workshop will present how 11 different universities across 7 European countries have collaborated to create an online international course for teaching in English entitled “Two2Tango”, in order to cater for the emerging needs of both lecturers and education developers in internationalised settings. Through this online course, lecturers exchange views on the material provided in the modules and participate in forum discussions, comparing their respective disciplines, institutional settings and pedagogical concerns. This regular peer interaction has proven to play a key part in the success of the course, allowing teachers, but also education developers, to reflect on their own practices and engage in meaningful conversations about cultural differences and future perspectives in higher education.

Regardless of the rationales behind regional internationalisation strategies, educators, now more than ever before, need to integrate linguistic competence, intercultural competence, global engagement and international disciplinary learning within the curriculum. Through the testimonials of both lecturers and education developers, this workshop will engage participants in reflections on how lecturers and education developers have apprehended their shifting roles and profiles, and how Two2Tango has acted as a catalyst for the continuous professional development of disciplinary teachers, alongside that of education developers.


Jennifer Valcke

Karolinska Institutet

Magnus Gustafsson

Chalmers, Vetenskapens kommunikation och lärande, Fackspråk och kommunikation

Julie Walaszczyk

Universite de Mons

Multilingualism and Multimodality in Higher Education; 6th ICLHE Conference
Castellón de la Plana, Spain,



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