Fatigue reinforcement during repainting for two motorway bridges
Paper i proceeding, 2019

A large number of metallic structures have already reached or even exceeded the limit of their initial design fatigue life. All this paper reports and investigates about the various works carried out in order to extend the fatigue life of existing motorway bridges located in the north of France. The studied bridge is composed with two independent decks of a French motorway carrying heavy traffics for 40 years. The slabs of both bridge decks are very fine: steel-concrete composite slabs associating 8 mm steel plate and 100 mm concrete layer according to the original design of Charles Brignon, who was also a pioneer in France of modern fatigue design for bridges, using rounded gussets to attach transverse beams, which reduces the stress concentration factor at the crossing point of the flanges. The structures of the bridges were recently strengthened to extend their fatigue resistance by three different methods which are: Addition of a continuous welded steel plate inclined outside of the edge girders to increase the safety at the Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and the robustness in fatigue of the bottom steel flanges. The inclined additional plate supported by the webs and the free bottom flanges Post weld treatment with Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) dressing of the welded cross-beams connection gussets were performed. Bonding of CFRP carbon fibres on the bottom steel flanges of the main beams at the extremities of the welded existing cover-plates. These fibres need a high elastic modulus of 400 GPa. The interactions between both fatigue and anticorrosion life extension works are discussed. An innovative option of mixed complete-partial sandblasting methods was proved more economic than the usual complete sandblasting method and performed. The initial conception with two independent decks carrying the highway showed itself particularly relevant for the implementation of heavy repairs. The traffic deviation on the other deck allowed to work on each deck without stopping the traffic.

Fatigue design

TIG dressing



HFMI treatment

Road bridges

Carbon plate sticking


Jacques Berthellemy


Asma Manai

Chalmers, Arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik, Konstruktionsteknik


2452-3216 (ISSN)

Vol. 19 49-63

8th International Conference on Fatigue Design (Fatigue Design)
Cetim, France,


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