Re-framing and exploring online suicidal games as a specific form of cyberbullying
Reviewartikel, 2020

This article discusses online suicide games as a part of cyberbullying with the game called "Blue Whale Challenge"as an empirical case. The three-fold aim is to (i) identify key social mechanisms related to participation and engagement, (ii) discuss the phenomena in a broader sociological and criminological framework, and (iii) compare social mechanisms in BWC with mechanisms in cyberbullying. The analysis was conducted in two steps, firstly a case study based on a combination of media reports and extracts from different social media posts related to BWC was conducted. Secondly, the result from the case study was re-analyzed in relation to key elements identified in cyberbullying, to conclude if and how BWC can be defined as a form of cyberbullying. The results show that BWC can be defined as a specific form of cyberbullying, but victimization is created differently in BWC compared to victimization in cyberbullying.

Social interaction


Push-pull factors




Charlotta Thodelius

Chalmers, Arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik, Byggnadsdesign

International Journal of Criminology and Sociology

19294409 (ISSN)

Vol. 9 231-240


Sociologi (exklusive socialt arbete, socialpsykologi och socialantropologi)


Mänsklig interaktion med IKT



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