FIB model code 2020 - Structural models for existing concrete structures
Paper i proceeding, 2018

The paper gives an overview of this ambitious project, which builds upon the achievements of fib MC2010, the previous edition of the fib Model Code. MC2020 will deal with both the design of new structures and all the activities associated with the through-life management and care of existing concrete structures, including matters such as inservice assessment and interventions to extend the life / improve the performance of these structures. Particular attention will be paid to issues specific to existing structures. Relevant structural models are planned for the determination of their load capacity / structural reliability, serviceability, remaining service life etc taking account of: • Load-carrying behaviour not considered in design, such as compressive membrane action and the increase in concrete compressive strength with time due to ongoing hydration effects. • Load-carrying behaviour in deteriorated members and structures, which is different to those members which have not experienced deterioration. The paper gives consideration to corrosion of reinforced concrete members and prestressed concrete members, as well as to the effects of other forms of deterioration such as alkali-aggregate reactions and frost damage. The paper also notes some of the differences between the approaches employed for Life Cycle Assessment and Design (LCA / LCD) based on deterioration models, and the assessment of the present condition of the structure (i.e. at a given moment in time) which utilise mechanical models to represent the influences of the deterioration processes which are active.

Model code

Structural assessment

Structural mechanical models

Condition assessment

Code for new & existing concrete structures


Dario Coronelli

Politecnico di Milano

Joost Walraven

TU Delft

Kamyab Zandi

Chalmers, Arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik, Konstruktionsteknik

Stuart Matthews

Building Research Establishment

FIB 2018 - Proceedings for the 2018 fib Congress: Better, Smarter, Stronger


5th fib Congress, FIB 2018
Melbourne, Australia,



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