Dynamics and optimal control of biotechnical systems "Man-Prosthesis"
Paper i proceeding, 1997

In the paper, a mathematical model is proposed for investigating the controlled motion of human locomotion system (HLS) with an above-knee prosthesis. To provide insight into the interaction between dynamics and control in biotechnical system Man-Prosthesis the energy­ optimal control problem of the HLS wearing a lower limb prosthesis has been con­sidered. The algorithm is based on special conversion of the optimal control problem for a nonlinear dynamical system which models HLS into a standard nonlinear programming problem. A number of energy-optimal control problems of hu­man locomotion with an artificial leg, and optimization problems for the constructive parameters of the prostheses under different boundary conditions and constraints have been solved. The numerical results obtained were compared with experimental data for normal human locomotion. The energy-optimal elastic and viscoelastic characteristics of the ankle and knee joints of the prostheses have been determined.

An above-knee prosthesis

Modelling of human locomotion system

Energy-optimal control

Optimal elastic parameters of the knee joint


Viktor Berbyuk

National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine

IUTAM Symposium on Interaction Between Dynamics and Control in Advanced Mechanical Systems, Ed. D. van Campen, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997


IUTAM Symposium on Interaction Between Dynamics and Control in Advanced Mechanical Systems
Eindhoven, Netherlands,


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