The distribution of O and N in the surface region of laser-patterned titanium revealed by atom probe tomography
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2021

Direct Laser Interference Lithography (DLIL) has shown to be a promising technique to chemically and physically alter the surface of titanium. In this work, atom probe tomography analysis was performed on DLIL-treated titanium to obtain the chemical composition of the surface in maxima and minima interference positions. The analysis revealed that a multilayer structure consisting of oxide/oxynitride is formed at both positions; however, the chemical composition is altered differently between the two. The observed difference is believed to be due to an uneven heating and temperature distribution, which is demonstrated by thermal simulations.


Atom probe tomography

Bone implant

Laser treatment



D. Kuczyńska-Zemła

Politechnika Warszawska

Gustav Sundell

Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Tillämpad kemi

M. Zemła

Politechnika Warszawska

Martin Andersson

Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Tillämpad kemi

H. Garbacz

Politechnika Warszawska

Applied Surface Science

0169-4332 (ISSN)

Vol. 562 150193


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