Tailoring the physical characteristics of solution blown cellulosic nonwovens by various post-treatments
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2021

Nonwovens are increasing in demand due to their versatility which enables use in a broad range of applications. Most nonwovens are still produced from fossil-based resources and there is thus a need to develop competitive materials from renewable feedstock. In this work, nonwovens are produced from cellulose via a direct solution blowing method. Cellulose was dissolved using the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate (EMIMAc) and was regenerated into nonwovens by coagulation in water. The properties of such nonwovens were previously rather stiff and papery-like and the aim of this work was to improve the softness and feel of the materials by simple adjustments of the post-processing steps, i. e. washing and drying. It was shown that by primarily changing the drying method, it was possible to create a much softer and bulkier material using the same solution blowing parameters.

solution blow spinning






Kerstin Jedvert

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Linnea Viklund

Student vid Chalmers

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Mårten Alkhagen

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Tobias Köhnke

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Hans Theliander

Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Kemiteknik

Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal

0283-2631 (ISSN) 2000-0669 (eISSN)

Vol. 36 4 682-695


Pappers-, massa- och fiberteknik


Kompositmaterial och -teknik



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