Towards Bridging Skill Gaps for the Future Industrial Workforce
Licentiatavhandling, 2023

Industry faces a multitude of disrupting economic, social, and environmental challenges. To overcome those, a skilled workforce is key. The aim of this thesis is to define, measure, and bridge the skill gaps of industry professionals who primarily have engineering backgrounds. In short, the research carried out and summarized in this thesis contributed to understanding the problem of skill gaps. The “skill gap” was generically defined by synthesizing definitions from the literature. Approaches to measuring skill gaps were compiled. Challenges and success factors when bridging skill gaps were found and potential solutions to bridge those challenges were identified. Those challenges are connected to motivation, managing change, identifying skill gaps, and tailor learning for everyone. The research resulted in a clear definition of skill gaps in an industrial context, a summary of approaches that have been used to measure skill gaps and key topics for employers, employees, and education providers to address when bridging skill gaps. However, the mission isn’t completed until the vision of having the right skills with the right person at the right time is fulfilled. So far, an understanding of the problem and potential actions to bridge skill gaps have been achieved. It remains to implement and test solutions to bridge the skill gap to be able to roll out an impactful solution.




Skill gap

Virtual Development Lab (VDL, Chalmers Johanneberg)
Opponent: Ulrika Lundh Snis, Professor in Informatics and work-integrated learning, University West


Greta Braun

Chalmers, Industri- och materialvetenskap, Produktionssystem

Singer-Coudoux, K., Braun, G., Stahre, J. Managing Change Towards the Future of Work - Clustering Key Perspectives. To be published in Proceedings of APMS September 2023.

Rikala, P., Braun, G., Järvinen, M., Stahre, J., Hämäläinen, R. What does the skill gap really mean, and how can it be measured? – A review on Industry 4.0. Submitted to Technological Forecasting & Social Change journal.

Motivational Challenges of Engineers Participating in an Online Upskilling Program

Proceedings of the 21st European Conference on e-Learning - ECEL 2022 ,; Vol. 21(2022)p. 25-31

Paper i proceeding

Braun, G., Stahre, J., Rosén, B.-G., Bokinge, M. Ingenjör4.0 – A National Upskilling Programme to Bridge Industry’s Skill Gap. To be published in Procedia CIRP October 2023.

Skills Matching for a Greener Industry 4.0-A Literature Review

Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering,; Vol. 21(2022)p. 677-688

Paper i proceeding

Ingenjör 4.0 Uppskalning av modulariserad fortbildning för yrkesverksamma.

VINNOVA (2021-03458), 2021-11-01 -- 2024-10-31.



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IMS: IMS-2023-7



Virtual Development Lab (VDL, Chalmers Johanneberg)

Opponent: Ulrika Lundh Snis, Professor in Informatics and work-integrated learning, University West

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