CFD investigation of structural effects of internal gas intake on powder conveying performance in fuel supply systems for aerospace engines
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2024

Optimal design of gas intake in powder fuel supply systems is crucial for performance of aerospace engines. There is little research on the impact of intake structure on powder conveying performance. Three novel internal intakes were proposed, which are spherical, cube-shaped, and dome-shaped. After validation, CFD simulations demonstrate that fluctuation of mass flow rate of powders in the dome-shaped intake is reduced by about 73.3% compared with the annular external one. Variation trends of phase velocities are similar for the spherical and cube-shaped intakes, while those are similar for the annular external and dome-shaped internal intakes. Fluctuation of area of gas zone for the annular external and spherical internal intakes is larger than that for the cube-shaped and dome-shaped internal intakes. Pressure and relative pressure drop in the fluidization chamber have a stable stage, and fluctuation of relative pressure drop is small when dome-shaped internal intake is used.

pressure drop

powder fluidization

two-fluid model

intake structure

dense gas-solid flow

powder supply system


Guanlong Ren

South China University of Technology

Haijun Sun

Nanchang Hangkong University

Fangjun Chen

South China University of Technology

Wen Shen

Nanchang Hangkong University

Yunzhen Cai

Nanchang Hangkong University

Yihua Xu

Nanchang Hangkong University

Henrik Ström

Chalmers, Mekanik och maritima vetenskaper, Strömningslära

Bilainu Obozokhai Oboirien

University of Johannesburg

Qingang Xiong

South China University of Technology


1674-2001 (ISSN) 22104291 (eISSN)

Vol. 92 140-154



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