Novel Lightweight, Highly Thermally Conductive Graphene-Enhanced Heat Pipes for Electronics Cooling and Thermal Management Applications
Paper i proceeding, 2024

As electronic equipment becomes increasingly lightweight, miniaturized, and highly integrated, the heat dissipation challenges of electronic devices become increasingly greater. Heat pipes are among the most efficient heat-conducting elements. However, conventional heat pipes are gradually unable to meet the heat dissipation needs and lightweight requirements of electronic devices due to limitations in the intrinsic thermal conductivity of the metal and weight constraints. Therefore, it is imperative to explore new high thermal conductivity and lightweight heat pipes. This paper developed a new graphene-reinforced nickel-based heat pipe and a graphene-reinforced aluminum-based heat pipe. The results show that the two graphene-reinforced heat pipes significantly reduce the mass of the heat pipe and improve the heat transfer performance of the heat pipe.

heat pipe



heat dissipation


Zhiyang Shen

Shanghai University

Jiajia Chen

Shanghai University

Sihua Guo

Shanghai University

Amos Nkansah

SHT Smart High-Tech

Hongfeng Zhang

SHT Smart High-Tech

Johan Moller

SHT Smart High-Tech

Johan Liu

Chalmers, Mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, Elektronikmaterial

2024 International Conference on Electronics Packaging, ICEP 2024

978-499119117-6 (ISBN)

23rd International Conference on Electronics Packaging, ICEP 2024
Toyama, Japan,



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