A generic framework for transport network designs: applications and treatment in intermodal freight transport literature
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2007

Six principles for the design of transport systems are described in this article, including direct link, corridor, hub-and-spoke, connected hubs, static routes, and dynamic routes. The designs are theoretically discussed defining the operational character of each design and their applica-tion in passenger, freight and rail freight transport. The theory is then applied to intermodal freight transport by comparing the terminology in this article with that used in scientific literature. Advantages of using a generic terminology over contextual ones are identified from the perspectives of researchers, commercial operators and policy makers.

Transport systems

network design

intermodal transport


Johan Woxenius

Chalmers, Teknikens ekonomi och organisation, Logistik och transport

Chalmers, Göteborgs miljövetenskapliga centrum (GMV)

Transport Reviews

0144-1647 (ISSN) 1464-5327 (eISSN)

Vol. 27 6 733-749


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