Enhancement of the briefing process by assessing building performance,
Paper i proceeding, 2006

One comprehensive trend across the world is a trend towards performance-based briefing¬/program¬ming, design and management of facilities. Construction professionals and facility managers are taking a more systematic approach to designing and monitoring building performance, aiming to keep down costs, reduce energy usage and making the best of building systems. However, one off the less well exploited opportunities for improving performance, reducing costs and abortive design time lie in the developments of the construction client's evaluation process. This paper reports from an ongoing R & D project aimed at encouraging the improved use of feedback. Interim findings from a questionnaire study of the evaluation of the building performance with the purpose of finding aspects that help clients to formulate evaluation procedures are discussed. It is concluded that there is a significant value in the assessing of building performance also for development of the clients’ briefing process. A framework is offered which conceptualise the performance-based approach as one continues evaluation process of values, goals and achievements addressed in the design brief.




construction client


Joint International Symposium of CIB Working Commissions, W55: Building Economics, W65:Organization and Management of Construction, Construction in the XXI Century: Local and Global Challenges, 18-20 October 2006, Rome, Italy.




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