Health Biotechnology; Emerging Business Models and Institutional Drivers
Rapport, 2008

This report Health Biotechnology: Emerging Business Models and Institutional Drivers addresses the future of firms and industry. In particular, the report focuses upon how and why firms involved in health biotechnology will evolve in the future. These firms will be diverse, ranging from the pharmaceutical firms and health service providers to specialised firms in biotechnology, bioengineering, biomedicine, and other fields at the intersections of biology, genomics and human health. Public policy faces major challenges here, because the developments in firms will depend upon a mixture of public and private incentives and organizations. The interface between the public and the private must therefore be analyzed and developed in future public policy. This matters for society, in order to stimulate growth and industrial competitiveness and in order to apply the advances of biotechnology to solve human health care issues.

Health biotechnology

Emerging business models

personalised medicine


Tomas McKelvey

Göteborgs universitet



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