Initiating building projects: clients' and architects' front-end management of projects
Rapport, 2008

The early stages, which occur both prior to and as a part of the planning of a construction or civil engineering project, are often decisive in determining the success of a project. In many cases, the prerequisites for a project are decided upon before it is formulated. The early stages are both a creative and a systematic product-definition and design process. The way in which these initial phases are planned and implemented, those involved and the ways in which they participate are important questions on which relatively little research or writing has yet been done. We hope that this book will be able to shed greater light on vital questions con¬cerning these initial phases. The book is written for clients and others stakeholders such as planners, architects, consultants and contractors, whom clients need to involve in their planning and preparatory work in the very earliest stages. The aim is both to share knowledge about these early stages and to inspire the further development of work methods and cooperation during these stages. The author of the book is Nina Ryd, architect SAR/MSA and Ph.D. She works at Chalmers University of Technology at the department of Architecture. The con¬cluding chapter on procurement was written by Staffan Carenholm. A reference group has also contributed their opinions and reflections on the work and have actively followed and influenced its development while it was being carried out during 2007 and the early part of 2008. The panel included Sven Fristedt, architect SAR/MSA, Posten AB, Christer Wadelius, architect SAR/MSA, former Director General of National Property Board, Owe Swanson, architect SAR/MSA, White Arkitekter AB, Stefan Sandesten, CEO, Swedish Construction Clients Forum, Svante Berg, architect SAR/MSA, Berg Arkitekter AB, Anna Rolf, architect SAR/MSA, BSK Arkitekter AB, Ola Göransson, architect SAR/MSA, SandellSandberg AB, Kristian Ericsson, architect SAR/MSA, Veidekke AB, Anna Montgomery, architect SAR/MSA, Locum AB and Staffan Carenholm, Managing Director, Swedish Association of Architects. The project has been carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Construction Clients Forum and the Swedish Association of Architects and has been made possible by a grant by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

architect client construction early stages front-end management briefing


Nina Ryd

Chalmers, Arkitektur



Publikation - Chalmers tekniska högskola, Sektionen för arkitektur: 1650

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