Towards the use of Large Eddy Simulation in Engineering
Paper i proceeding, 2008

This paper aims at reviewing some important aspects of Large Eddy Simulation (LES) as applied to engineering flows. We first summarize the present status of modeling in incompressible, compressible and reacting multi-phase flows, with a view towards the overall formalism instead of the intrinsic details of different subgrid models. Based on the assumed requirements on future LES, expected to handle full-scale flows and reacting flows with detailed chemistry, we discuss some potentially interesting LES methods for the future. These methods are exclusively based on multi-scale modeling, in which simplified equations are solved within each LES cell, instead of semi-empirical modeling based on the resolved flow scales only. After that we outline a few flows studied by LES at FOI, which form the basis for the subsequent discussion of validation and verification, and quality management, being of increasing importance for practical engineering flows. Next we summarize some practical aspects of LES of engineering applications, many of which being crucial to the successful use of LES, and being of increasing importance for engineering flows. Finally, I present my view of the future use of LES in engineering, which is based primarily on the evolutionary use of LES during the last decade in the fields of hydrodynamics and combustion.


Christer Fureby


46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit; Reno, NV; United States; 7 January 2008 through 10 January 2008

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