Fidelity Evaluation Framework for Planetary Mission Simulators: Part III: Applying the Framework
Paper i proceeding, 2007

This paper, third in a series, that establishes a Fidelity Evaluation Framework for Planetary Mission Simulators, demonstrates efficacy of the framework developed in the previous paper by applying it to a case study simulator. The case study simulator is chosen from among three international full mission planetary simulator concepts. The framework itself comprises three Framework Elements. The first element is a set of four fidelity criteria checklists classified into: Architectural, Operational, Environmental and Psychological. The second is a baseline mission visualization tool and the third involves fidelity trade-off studies. This paper applies each of the three Framework Elements to the case study simulator to test the utility and range of the framework in highlighting elements and issues for which fidelity standards have been met, exceptions taken or overlooked. Data used here was obtained through primary research via conversations and email surveys of principals associated with the case study simulator and other simulators. Application of the framework successfully revealed fidelity breaches in the case study simulator and also helped identify some technology and process development needs both for high fidelity and risk mitigation.


Susmita Mohanty

Chalmers, Arkitektur

Maria Nyström

Chalmers, Arkitektur

58th International Astronautical Congress 2007, Hydrabad India, IAC-07-E5.4.02

Vol. 13 8882-8898
9781605601502 (ISBN)


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