Propeller Blade Optimisation applying Response Surface Methodology
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 2011

In order to further increase the applicability of opti- misation within the propeller design process, an ap- proach for response surface methodology, the Kriging algorithm, was applied to the propeller blade optimi- sation problem. The software package DACE (Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments), which is a Matlab toolbox for working with Kriging approxima- tions for computer models, was applied in conjunction with the FRIENDSHIP-Framework. The accuracy of the response surface methodology (RSM) was evalu- ated against RANSE ow simulations coupled with a vortex-lattice propeller model (VLM).


Florian Vesting

Fartygs framdrivning och miljöpåverkan

Rickard Bensow

Fartygs framdrivning och miljöpåverkan

14th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS'11)


Strömningsmekanik och akustik

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