Supplementary material to the paper: “Increased impact resistance of cross‐country ski poles by improved, simulation assisted composite design”
Övrigt, 2017

Supplementary materials to the main paper which could not be included due to the maximum number of pages allowed, but which could still be of interest to many readers. In the paper, results from the mechanical and numerical testing of different pole brands are summarised. Considered poles were: Skigo Race 2.0 (from 2016 and from 2017, denoted SKIGO1 and SKIGO2 respectively), Fischer RCS Carbonlite, Fischer RCS Speedmax and Swix Triac 2.5. The purpose of the mechanical tests was both to characterise material properties needed for the simulations and to better understand how the material architecture, e.g. fibre orientation of the different layers (or plies), influence the material response. Furthermore, numerical finite element models were developed as a tool for simulation driven design process which when fully developed allows for finding an optimal balance between competing requirements on weight, stiffness and strength.


Martin Granlund

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Gustav Gräsberg

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Hana Zrida

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Martin Fagerström

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