Small bowel absorption of magnesium and calcium sulphate from a natural mineral water in subjects with ileostomy
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2006

Background In many developed countries, magnesium and calcium intakes do not reach recommendations for a large part of the population.Mineral water may be a useful alternative source of dietary minerals, especially in groups of people at risk for developing deficiency due to low intakes. Aim To assess if the addition of a natural and mineral-rich water increased small bowel mineral absorption in people with ileostomy. Methods A controlled randomised crossover study with two periods of two days each and a minimum 5 days of washout was performed in six ileostomy subjects.Apparent mineral absorption from 0.5 L of natural mineral water with either a high or a low mineral content consumed in the fasting state was compared. The daily addition of minerals corresponded to 2.3mmol magnesium, 6.9 mmol calcium and 7.7mmol sulphate. Ileostomy effluents were sampled and analysed for magnesium, calcium and total sulphate. Results When compared with the control, the median absorbed amount of magnesium increased from 0.8 (0-1.34) mmol/d to 1.2 (0.8-1.9) mmol/d,which corresponded to a 30% increase (P = 0.028).Median amount of calcium absorbed increased from 8.3 (6.7-13.6) mmol/d to 14.8 (8.3-20.4) mmol/d, i. e. a 45% increase (P = 0.027). The sulphate absorption increased from 1.9 (1.3-2.2) mmol/d to 5.1 (4.2-6.8) mmol/d,which corresponded to 197 % increase (P = 0.028). Conclusions The mineral-rich water increased absorption of both magnesium and calcium and can therefore be used as an additional source of minerals. However, consumption with meals may be preferred.


Lena Normen

Göteborgs universitet

St. Paul's Hospital

MJ Arnaud

Nestlé Water Institute

Nils-Gunnar Carlsson

Chalmers, Kemi- och bioteknik, Livsvetenskaper

Henrik Andersson

Göteborgs universitet

European Journal of Nutrition

1436-6207 (ISSN) 1436-6215 (eISSN)

Vol. 45 2 105-112





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