Scaffolding L2 academic reading and self-regulation through task and feedback
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 2019

Research has shown that successful readers at the tertiary level are able to select appropriate reading strategies, apply them consistently, and monitor their own comprehension (e.g. Grabe, 2008). However, less is known about how such metacognitive and strategic reading behaviours can be fostered while students are reading in authentic, self-study contexts, outside of the EAP classroom. Departing from the theory of self-regulation and how it is trained (e.g. Zimmerman, 2008) and insights from the literature on feedback (e.g. Hattie & Timperley, 2007), the overarching aim of our study was to create a learning context in which students were guided by teacher feedback to self-monitor and reflect on their reading behaviours while undertaking course reading at home. A group of academically novice, but high proficiency L2 English students enrolled in a teacher education programme were recruited. These participants were asked to keep a reading blog during a six-week EAP module, recording what they did and why as they engaged with a range of literature such as journal articles and book chapters, based around a teaching-related theme. In response, their teacher provided continuous and individual formative feedback on the posts. This feedback was planned to include both positive reinforcement of effective reading behaviours and questions to prompt reflection. In our paper, we begin by presenting the rationale behind our intervention and the task design. We then discuss whether certain types of feedback via the blogs were more conducive to student engagement with that feedback and performance. We conclude by making recommendations for EAP interventions focused on reading, based on our insights.


Grabe, W. (2008). Reading in a second language: Moving from theory to practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hattie, J. & Timperley, H. (2007). The power of feedback. Review of Educational Research, 77 (1), 81-112.

Zimmerman, B. (2008). Self-Regulation and Motivation: Historical background, methodological
developments, and future prospects. American Educational Research Journal, 45, (1), 166 –183.


Lisa McGrath

Sheffield Hallam University

Raffaella Negretti

Chalmers, Vetenskapens kommunikation och lärande, Fackspråk och kommunikation

Špela Mežek

Södertörns högskola

Jessica Berggren

Stockholms universitet

Leeds, United Kingdom,


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