An Impedance Decoupling-Based Tuning Scheme for Wireless Power Transfer System under Dual-Side Capacitance Drift
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2021

High performance of a wireless power transfer system is related to the resonance. However, the capacitance drift caused by temperature variation leads to detuning. In this article, a tuning scheme against dual-side capacitance drift using the impedance decoupling algorithm is investigated. First, the impact of the capacitance drift on transmission efficiency and output power are analyzed. Second, it is difficult to compensate for the dual-side capacitance drift quickly since the primary and secondary sides are coupled. Therefore, the impedance decoupling algorithm is introduced. The primary and secondary reactances are decoupled from the total impedance. The two independent reactances are only determined by the capacitance drift of the corresponding side. Then, by adjusting system frequency and the phase-shift angle of the semiactive rectifier, the reactances of both sides can be eliminated, respectively. Compared with the existing tuning methods focusing on total input impedance, the continuous adjustment on two sides is avoided, so the tuning time is significantly reduced. The experimental results prove that the proposed method can improve the system efficiency by 5%-40% and reduce the tuning time by 67% under different capacitance drift.

Capacitance drift


detuning detection

wireless power transfer (WPT)

impedance decoupling


Kai Song

Harbin Institute of Technology

Guang Yang

Harbin Institute of Technology

Hang Zhang

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation

Xiaoliang Huang

Chalmers, Elektroteknik, Elkraftteknik

Jinhai Jiang

Harbin Institute of Technology

Yu Lan

Harbin Institute of Technology

Xiaohua Huang

Electric Power Research Institute of China

Jin Li

Xiong'An New Area Power Supply Company

Chunbo Zhu

Harbin Institute of Technology

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

0885-8993 (ISSN) 19410107 (eISSN)

Vol. 36 7 7526-7536 9286562




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