Artjoms Kuznecovs

Doctoral Student at Marine Technology
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Methodology for the simulation of a ship’s damage stability and ultimate strength conditions following a collision

Artjoms Kuznecovs, Martin Schreuder, Jonas Ringsberg
Marine Structures. Vol. 79 (1), p. 1-19
Journal article

Ultimate limit state analysis of a double-hull tanker subjected to biaxial bending in intact and collision-damaged conditions

Artjoms Kuznecovs, Jonas Ringsberg, Erland Johnson et al
Ocean Engineering. Vol. 209
Journal article

Models for design and fatigue analysis of dynamic power cables for wave energy converters

Jonas Ringsberg, Artjoms Kuznecovs, Shun-Han Yang et al
Trends in the Analysis and Design of Marine Structures - Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Marine Structures (MARSTRUCT 2019), p. 488-497
Paper in proceeding

A methodology for design and fatigue analysis of power cables for wave energy converters

Artjoms Kuznecovs, Jonas Ringsberg, Shun-Han Yang et al
International Journal of Fatigue. Vol. 122, p. 61-71
Journal article

Analysis of the ultimate strength of corroded ships involved in collision accidents and subjected to biaxial bending

Jonas Ringsberg, Zhiyuan Li, Artjoms Kuznecovs et al
Progress in Maritime Technology and Engineering - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2018), p. 327-336
Paper in proceeding

Reduction in ultimate strength capacity of corroded ships involved in collision accidents

Jonas Ringsberg, Zhiyuan Li, Erland Johnson et al
Ships and Offshore Structures. Vol. 13 (Sup1), p. 155-166
Journal article

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SHARC - Structural and Hydro mechanical Assessment of Risk in Collision and grounding

Martin Schreuder Marine Technology
Erland Johnson Marine Technology
Jonas Ringsberg Marine Technology
Artjoms Kuznecovs Marine Technology
Swedish Transport Administration

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