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Folate and phytase produced by yeasts

Thomas Andlid, Jenny Veide, Sofia Hjortmo et al
Proceedings of the 23rd VH-Yeast Conference April 26-27, 2010 in Vienna, Advances in Science and Technique of Baker's Yeast, p. 79-88
Paper in proceeding

Production of folates by yeasts in Tanzanian fermented togwa

Sofia Hjortmo, Andreas Hellström, Thomas Andlid
FEMS Yeast Research. Vol. 8, p. 781-787
Journal article

Growth rate and medium composition strongly affect folate content in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sofia Hjortmo, Johan Patring, Thomas Andlid
International Journal of Food Microbiology. Vol. 123 (1-2), p. 93-100
Journal article

Biofortification of folates in white wheat bread by selection of yeast strain and process

Sofia Hjortmo, Johan Patring, Jelena Jastrebova et al
International Journal of Food Microbiology. Vol. 127 (1-2), p. 32-36
Journal article

Characterization and quantification of folates produced by yeast strains isolated from kefir granules

Johan Patring, Sofia Hjortmo, Jelena Jastrebova et al
European Food Research and Technology. Vol. 223 (5), p. 633-637
Journal article

Develpoment of a Simplified Method for the Determination of Folates in BakerĀ“s Yeastby HPLC with Ultraviolet and Fluorescence Detection

Johan Patring, Jelena Jastrebova, Sofia Hjortmo et al
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Vol. 53 (7), p. 2406-2411
Journal article

Inherent biodiversity of folate content and composition in yeasts

Sofia Hjortmo, Johan Patring, Jelena Jastrebova et al
Trends in Food Science and Technology. Vol. 16 (6-7), p. 311-316
Journal article

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