Jesper Nilsson

Researcher at Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jesper Nilsson joined the Wilhelmsson Research Group in January 2018 to work as a post-doctoral researcher within the FoRmulaEx industrial research centre. In his research he applies spectroscopy-based techniques to study conformation, dynamics, and protein interactions of nucleic acids, in particular RNA, using fluorescent nucleic acid base analogs. The overall aim of his research is to develop and implement novel tools for studying e.g. cell uptake, intracellular distribution, and target interactions of oligonucleotide-based therapeutics.

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Stealth Fluorescence Labeling for Live Microscopy Imaging of mRNA Delivery

Tom Baladi, Jesper Nilsson, Audrey Gallud et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 143 (14), p. 5413-5424
Journal article

Development of functionalized SYBR green II related cyanine dyes for viral RNA detection

Ville K. Saarnio, Kirsi Salorinne, Visa P. Ruokolainen et al
Dyes and Pigments. Vol. 177
Journal article

Getting DNA and RNA out of the dark with 2CNqA: a bright adenine analogue and interbase FRET donor

Anna Wiktoria Wypijewska Del Nogal, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Mattias Bood et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 48 (14), p. 7640-7652
Journal article

Interbase FRET in RNA: from A to Z

Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Moa Sandberg Wranne, Mattias Bood et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 47 (19), p. 9990-9997
Journal article

Design, Synthesis and Inhibitory Activity of Photoswitchable RET Kinase Inhibitors.

Ruben Ferreira, Jesper Nilsson, Carlos Solano et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 5, p. artikel nr 9769-
Journal article

A photoswitchable supramolecular complex with release-and-report capabilities

Jesper Nilsson, M. C. O'Sullivan, Shiming Li et al
Chemical Communications. Vol. 51 (5), p. 847-850
Journal article

A Caged Ret Kinase Inhibitor and its Effect on Motoneuron Development in Zebrafish Embryos

David Bliman, Jesper Nilsson, Petronella Kettunen et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 5, p. artikel nr 13109-
Journal article

8-Triazolylpurines: Towards Fluorescent Inhibitors of the MDM2/p53 Interaction

Mariell Pettersson, David Bliman, Jimmy Jacobsson et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 10 (5), p. e0124423-
Journal article

DNA-Binding Properties of Amidine-Substituted Spiropyran Photoswitches

Martin Hammarson, Jesper Nilsson, Shiming Li et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 20 (48), p. 15855-15862
Journal article

Photoswitch kinase inhibitors

Raphael Ferreira, Jesper Nilsson, C. Solano et al
Purinergic Signalling. Vol. 10 (4), p. 767-768
Magazine article

An All-Photonic Molecule-Based Parity Generator/Checker for Error Detection in Data Transmission

Magnus Bälter, Shiming Li, Jesper Nilsson et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 135 (28), p. 10230-10233
Journal article

Characterization of the thermal and photoinduced reactions of photochromic spiropyrans in aqueous solution

Martin Hammarson, Jesper Nilsson, Shiming Li et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 117 (43), p. 13561-71
Journal article

Switching Properties of a Spiropyran-Cucurbit [7] uril Supramolecular Assembly: Usefulness of the Anchor Approach

Jesper Nilsson, C. P. Carvalho, Shiming Li et al
ChemPhysChem. Vol. 13 (16), p. 3691-3699
Journal article

Light-induced cytotoxicity of a photochromic spiropyran

Jesper Nilsson, Shiming Li, B. Onfelt et al
Chemical Communications. Vol. 47 (39), p. 11020-11022
Journal article

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