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Doctoral Student at Condensed Matter Physics
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Unraveling the impact of different thermal quenching routes on the luminescence efficiency of the Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ phosphor for white light emitting diodes

Yuan-Chih Lin, M. Bettinelli, Suchinder Sharma et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 8 (40), p. 14015-14027
Journal article

Local Coordination Environments and Vibrational Dynamics of Protons in Hexagonal and Cubic Sc-Doped BaTiO3 Proton-Conducting Oxides

Adrien Perrichon, Nico Torino, Erik Jedvik Granhed et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 124 (16), p. 8643-8651
Journal article

Unraveling the Mechanisms of Thermal Quenching of Luminescence in Ce3+-Doped Garnet Phosphors †

Yuan-Chih Lin, M. Bettinelli, Maths Karlsson
Chemistry of Materials. Vol. 31 (11), p. 3851-3862
Review article

Molecular Orientation Distribution of Regenerated Cellulose Fibers Investigated with Polarized Raman Spectroscopy

Leo Svenningsson, Yuan-Chih Lin, Maths Karlsson et al
Macromolecules. Vol. 52 (10), p. 3918-3924
Journal article

Vibrationally induced color shift tuning of photoluminescence in Ce³⁺-doped garnet phosphors

Yuan-Chih Lin, Paul Erhart, Maths Karlsson
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 7 (41), p. 12926-12934
Journal article

Understanding the Interactions between Vibrational Modes and Excited State Relaxation in Y₃₋ₓCeₓAl₅O₁₂: Design Principles for Phosphors Based on 5d-4f Transitions

Yuan-Chih Lin, Paul Erhart, M. Bettinelli et al
Chemistry of Materials. Vol. 30 (6), p. 1865-1877
Journal article

Weak thermal quenching of the luminescence in the Ca3Sc2Si3O12:Ce3+ garnet phosphor

Suchinder Sharma, Yuan-Chih Lin, Irene Carrasco et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 6 (33), p. 8923-8933
Journal article

Vibrational properties of -KSiH3 and -RbSiH3: a combined Raman and inelastic neutron scattering study

Janos Mink, Yuan-Chih Lin, Maths Karlsson et al
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. Vol. 48 (2), p. 284-291
Journal article

Investigation of the Order-Disorder Rotator Phase Transition in KSiH3 and RbSiH3

R. Nedumkandathil, A. Jaworski, A. Fischer et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 121 (9), p. 5241-5252
Journal article

Inorganic Phosphor Materials for Lighting

Yuan-Chih Lin, Maths Karlsson, M. Bettinelli
Topics in Current Chemistry. Vol. 374 (2), p. 374-421
Review article

Structural and Vibrational Properties of Silyl (SiH3-) Anions in KSiH3 and RbSiH3: New Insight into Si-H Interactions

V. F. Kranak, Yuan-Chih Lin, Maths Karlsson et al
Inorganic Chemistry. Vol. 54 (5), p. 2300-2309
Journal article

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