Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari

Doctoral Student at Electric Power Engineering

Babak is a Ph.D. student in the division of electric power engineering. His main research focus is on high-power medium-voltage DC-DC converters with medium-frequency AC-link for off-shore wind power plants.

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Capacitor and Switch Size Comparisons on High-Power Medium-Voltage DC-DC Converters with Three-Phase Medium-Frequency Transformer

Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari, Yuhei Okazaki, Torbjörn Thiringer
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics. Vol. 9 (3), p. 3331-3338
Journal article

Capacitor Size Comparison on High-Power DC-DC Converters with Different Transformer Winding Configurations on the AC-link

Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari, Torbjorn Thiringer, Yuhei Okazaki
2020 22nd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE 2020 ECCE Europe
Paper in proceeding

A Study on the Lifetime of Q2L-MMC-DAB’s Switches for Wind Turbine Applications

Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari, Chengjun Tang, Torbjörn Thiringer
2020 15th International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies, EVER 2020
Paper in proceeding

Optimum Leakage Inductance Determination for a Q2L-Operating MMC-DAB with Different Transformer Winding Configurations

Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari, Torbjörn Thiringer, Mohammad Kharezy
20th IEEE International Symposium on Power Electronics (Ee)
Paper in proceeding

Efficiency investigation of 2L-DAB and ML-DAB for high-power PV applications

Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari, Amin Bahmani, Torbjörn Thiringer
2018 Thirteenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER). Vol. 21 May 2018, p. 1-6
Paper in proceeding

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Power Electronic based dc transformer for off-shore wind energy installations

Torbjörn Thiringer Electric Power Engineering
Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
Thomas Hammarström Power grids and Components
Swedish Energy Agency

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