Anna Åberg

Researcher at Science, Technology and Society

Anna Åberg is a historian of technology, with a focus on energy- and resource history, and narratives of science and technology in popular culture. Her research themes span from internationa fusion research, through Swedish uranium import and sea- and space mining, to sports history and narratives of energy and the environment in popular culture.

Anna is engaged in the international networks Tensions of Europe and the Society for the History of Technology.

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The ways and means of ITER: reciprocity and compromise in fusion science diplomacy

Anna Åberg
History and Technology. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Creating, capturing, and circulating commodities: The technology and politics of material resource flows, from the 19th century to the present

Frank Veraart, Anna Åberg, Hanna Vikström
Extractive Industries and Society. Vol. 7 (1), p. 1-7
Review article

Challenging Europe: Technology, Environment, and the Quest for Resource Security

Matthias Heymann, Per Hogselius, Elena Kochetkova et al
Technology and Culture. Vol. 61 (1), p. 282-294
Journal article

Chasing uranium: Securing nuclear fuel on a transnational arena in Sweden 1971–1984

Anna Åberg, Maja Fjӕstad
Extractive Industries and Society. Vol. 7 (1), p. 29-38
Journal article

Crises and Technological Futures: Experiences, Emotion, and Action

Karena Kalmbach, Andreas Marklund, Anna Åberg
Technology and Culture. Vol. 61 (1), p. 272-281
Journal article

Re-presenting ruins, visualizing the toxic sublime: Cross-disciplinary collaborations in lens-based art

Karl Palmås, Kalle Sanner, Anna Åberg
Other conference contribution

Introduction to Special Issue on Environmental Themes in Popular Narratives

Anna Åberg, Miyase Christensen, Katarina Larsen et al
Environmental Communication. Vol. 12 (1), p. 1-6
Other text in scientific journal

Looking for perspectives! EU energy policy in context

Anna Åberg, Johanna Höffken, Susanna Lidström
Advancing Energy Politics, p. 47-59
Book chapter

Around the World in 143 Days: Times at the Scale of the Anthropocene

Anna Åberg, Hugo Almeida, Josh Wodak et al
Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities. Vol. 5 (1), p. 39-70
Journal article

An even colder war? Specialization and scientization in the training methods of cross-country skiing from the 1940s in Sweden and the Soviet Union.

Daniel Svensson, Anna Åberg
Beyond Boycotts. Sport During the Cold War in Europe. Eds. Phillippe Vonnard, Nicola Sbetti and Grégory Quin, p. 33-54
Book chapter

Rising Seas: Facts, Fictions and Aquaria

Anna Åberg, Susanna Lidström
Curating the Future: Museums, Communities and Climate Change
Book chapter

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Swedish petrocultures: Pervasive fossil fuel practices that obstruct climate change mitigation

Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
Kristoffer Ekberg Science,Technology and Society
Per Lundin Science, Technology and Society


Empowering all. Gender in policy and implementation for achieving transitions to sustainable energy

Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
Martin Hultman Science, Technology and Society
Olufolahan Osunmuyiwa Environmental Systems Analysis
Helene Ahlborg Environmental Systems Analysis
Swedish Energy Agency


Gender education at Chalmers: How, when and where?

Catharina Landström Science, Technology and Society
Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
GENIE, Chalmers Gender Initiative for Excellence


Sociotechnical perspectives on energy: Integrating perspectives from the Humanities and social sciences into Swedish and International Energy policy

Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
Martin Hultman Science, Technology and Society


Swedish petroculture: lessons for transitioning to a sustainable energy system

Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
Jens Millkrantz Science,Technology and Society
Swedish Energy Agency


Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe (InsSciDE)

Anna Åberg Science, Technology and Society
European Commission (EC)

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