Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty

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Proposing a framework for evaluating learning strategies in vehicular CPSs

Bastian Havers, Marina Papatriantafilou, Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty et al
Middleware 2022 Industrial Track - Proceedings of the 23rd International Middleware Conference Industrial Track, Part of Middleware 2022, p. 22-28
Paper in proceeding

DRIVEN: a Framework for Efficient Data Retrieval and Clustering in Vehicular Networks

Bastian Havers, Romaric Duvignau, Hannaneh Najdataei et al
Proceedings - International Conference on Data Engineering. Vol. 2019-April, p. 1850-1861
Paper in proceeding

Binding energy calculations for hevein-carbohydrate interactions using expanded ensemble molecular dynamics simulations

Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty, M. Frank, A. P. Lyubartsev et al
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design. Vol. 29 (1), p. 13-21
Journal article

Application and Development of Computational Methods for Structure-based Drug Discovery

Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty
Doctoral thesis

Computation of Binding Energies Including Their Enthalpy and Entropy Components for Protein-Ligand Complexes Using Support Vector Machines

Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty, M. Frank, Graham Kemp et al
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences. Vol. 53 (10), p. 2559-2570
Journal article

Lewis histo-blood group alpha1,3/alpha1,4 fucose residues may both mediate binding to GII.4 noroviruses

Waqas Nasir, M. Frank, Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty et al
Glycobiology. Vol. 22 (9), p. 1163-72
Journal article

Sperm arylsulfatase A binds to mZP2 and mZP3 glycoproteins in a nonenzymatic manner

H. Xu, F. Liu, N. Srakaew et al
Reproduction. Vol. 144 (2), p. 209-19
Journal article

Computational studies on the interaction of ABO-active saccharides with the norovirus VA387 capsid protein can explain experimental binding data

Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty, Waqas Nasir, F. Strino et al
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design. Vol. 24 (5), p. 423-431
Journal article

Selenoglycosides in silico: ab initio-derived reparameterization of MM4, conformational analysis using histo-blood group ABH antigens and lectin docking as indication for potential of bioactivity

F. Strino, J. H. Lii, Ashok Krishna Chaitanya Koppisetty et al
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design. Vol. 24 (12), p. 1009-1021
Journal article

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