Vasileios Barlakas

Researcher at Geoscience and Remote Sensing 2

His main research concerns all-sky polarized microwave radiative transfer. This involves scattering, cloud microphysical properties, and error characterization. A special emphasis is given to the upcoming satellite mission of ICI (Ice Cloud Imager). ICI is a microwave/sub-millimetre wave radiometer offering some distinct advantages for sounding of cloud ice properties. This work aims to improve the sensitivity of microwaves with respect to ice particles for extending the scope of microwave assimilation in numerical weather prediction models.

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Introducing hydrometeor orientation into all-sky microwave and submillimeter assimilation

Vasileios Barlakas, Alan J. Geer, Patrick Eriksson
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Vol. 14 (5), p. 3427-3447
Review article

The sub-adiabatic model as a concept for evaluating the representation and radiative effects of low-level clouds in a high-resolution atmospheric model

Vasileios Barlakas, Hartwig Deneke, Andreas Macke
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 20 (1), p. 303-322
Journal article

Three Dimensional Radiative Effects in Passive Millimeter/Sub-Millimeter All-sky Observations

Vasileios Barlakas, Patrick Eriksson
Remote Sensing. Vol. 12 (3)
Journal article

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